Nikon Scan will ask you where to store the images and what to call them. Digital ICE3 is comprised of three proprietary technologies: You can set the scanner to autofocus, perform autoexposure, and apply Digital ICE and multi-sample scanning to the preview images, prior to the main scans themselves. Anyway, Vuescan makes this thing sing! This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Wolverine 8mm and Super8 Reels Movie Digitizer with 2. Previews take a while regardless, especially if you choose to apply autofocus and autoexposure to the preview scans.

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Some of this may be system configuration, and some may simply be that the manufacturer is choosing the optimum settings that result in the shortest nikon ls-4000 ed times. Nikon also ls-400 out in its manual that the color management system both slows nikon ls-4000 ed scanning process and dramatically increases memory requirements. Overall, it would be hard to overemphasize the impact the Digital ICE technology could have in a production scanning environment.

The “Preferences” control panel contains infrequently-accessed “set it and forget it” controls.

Nikon Super CoolScan ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

Multi-Sampling was replaced by our much more powerful Multi-Exposure. Our personal conclusion was that corner sharpness wasn’t a major problem, nikon ls-4000 ed any difficulties with badly curled film could doubtless niokn surmounted by nikoon the film in a glass-faced slide mount.

There is an fd sharpening function included in the “Clean Image” options in Nikon Scan, but you’ll want to experiment with it a bit. We regret not being able to cover it in greater detail here, but nikon ls-4000 ed it’s beyond the scope of even one of our reviews!

While we didn’t delve deeply into CMS systems here, we did note that the scans we obtained with the Apple RGB setting were much more color accurate and didn’t lose as much detail in highly-saturated colors as the scans in the sRGB system did. This can make it difficult to keep the film aligned as the clamshell closes, particularly if the piece of film is short. Documentation for nikpn Super Coolscan ED is quite extensive and, to the nkion of our recollection, a good bit more convenient than nikon ls-4000 ed of the LS Depending on the labor rate you choose to value such time, Digital ICE could literally pay for the entire scanner investment in one large job.

If you find scans running excessively slow, or the scanning software requiring nikon ls-4000 ed amounts of memory, try turning the color management system off. Approaches for dealing with this problem range from using analog-to-digital converters the “measuring” component with greater bit depth, to designing lower-noise electronics.


With so little light coming through the film, the electronics have a nikon ls-4000 ed time measuring it, and “noise” from the sensor often swamps the signal coming from the image. A scene analysis function automatically corrects tone ls-400 color in negatives. For shorter film strips or strips that don’t load properly in the SA there is also the FH-3 nikon ls-4000 ed film holder that is used manually with the MA SilverFast Ai Studio offers the ultimate in functionality.

If you’re scanning to a fixed output size in pixels, you can check the “Keep this Output Size” box, and the final dimensions of the file will remain fixed, with the crop area in the main scan window sizing up or down proportionately as you drag its borders. The main control panel, showing an image preview. We were surprised by how far we could push the analog gain without losing detail in the highlights, where the clouds and sunbaked sand are nearly transparent on the original.

By just about every measure resolution, image sharpness, dynamic range, features, or accessoriesthe Super Coolscan raises the bar for nikon ls-4000 ed scanners. Creates beautiful scans at dpi. The Super Coolscan ED is by far the “cleanest” scanner we’ve tested to date, producing surprisingly low noise levels, even in its basic 8-bit mode, with no multi-sampling or analog gain tricks at all.

For this image, we nikon ls-4000 ed that we could run all of the nikon ls-4000 ed sliders almost all the way up to their limits, improving shadow detail without losing detail in the highlights.

Post-scan options include automatic file saving, or ejection of the film. Film Handling The Super Coolscan ED comes with three film holders, one for mounted 35mm slides, one for loose 35mm film strips, nikon ls-4000 ed a third “clamshell”-style holder for handling badly-curved strips of film via the slide adapter.

Nikon Super CoolScan 4000 ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

The Nikon Super Coolscan is ev film scanner capable of extracting all of the image quality present in your 35mm negatives and slides.

Nikon ls-4000 ed standalone mode e. It’ll literally save you hours of retouching time that would otherwise be spent removing dust specs and minor scratches from your scans.

Color Management – The Super Nikon ls-4000 ed ED supports a very sophisticated “color management” system, allowing it to be calibrated to different display or output devices. Some of the articles are very specific Nikon reviews.

This innovative new technology bridges the gap between photography and digital imaging for publishers, photo labs, service bureaus, minilabs and all users of personal computers who work with photographic images and desktop film scanners. One result was a nikon ls-4000 ed “electric” blue on the girl’s jacket.

The IA APS film adapter plugs into the scanner in much nikon ls-4000 ed same way as the 35mm film strip adapter, projecting from the front l-4000 the same couple of inches.

We’ll cover these in more detail below, but thought it worth calling attention to a few of the Nikon ls-4000 ed Coolscan ED’s key features at the top of the review.