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After downloading this file double-click on the file to install the programs in a directory of your choice. The program draws the Thevenin’s equivalent circuit.

This GUI program designs the following controllers: The transformer program obtains the transformer equivalent circuit from open-circuit and short-circuit tests. This self-extracting installation file contains two graphical user interface programs for transformer and induction motor analyses.

Among the important aspects in the steady-state analysis of a three-phase induction motor are the variation of current, power, losses and torque associated with various operating conditions.

These programs together with the traditional hand-written problems can help students to intedface a stronger intuition and deeper understanding of these topics.

T he following Graphical User Interface MATLAB programs have been imterface for the computational aids in the electrical engineering topics outlined in the menu at left. It also finds the transformer performance characteristics using the transformer parameters. Technical computing portal for scientific and engineering software.

Gui – Free downloads and reviews – CNET 01

The analysis can be repeated for different slips. GUI Program for Graphical user interface in matlab pdf download. This self-extracting installation file contains a graphical user interface program for the design of a first-order dowbload in the forward path of a closed-loop control system. By pressing the Compensated System Responses Button various responses can be obtained. Upon selecting any of the above controllers, e.

This self-extracting installation file contains a graphical user interface downllad for the natural and step response of parallel and series RLC circuit.


The user can specify the plant and the feedback sensor transfer functions and select a controller. Performance characteristics are then obtained for the specified slip and the torque slip curve is plotted on the screen. In the induction motor program the parameters of the equivalent circuit can be entered on the circuit diagram. The following graphics window is displayed.

The controller transfer function, and the compensated open loop and closed loop transfer functions are obtained as shown.